​​​​​​When was the first Book Fair?   Most likely in England.  In America, the start of Book Fairs as we know them was in the 1940s.    What were the events called?   Probably just Book Fair, but certainly, it was not named  “Antiquarian Book Print & Paper Fair”.   What type of material do you think was offered?    Books of course, but maps, postcards, "ephemera", it all came along little by little as collectors discovered more than books to enjoy.

Walter Larsen, from whom Nancy Johnson Events acquired the San Francisco Antiquarian Book Print & Paper Fair®, was ahead of the industry when he added the words PRINT and PAPER.    Many Book Fairs have other words besides BOOKS in their titles, or if they don’t, the tag line of Ephemera, Photography or Posters are in  their promotions.

With the growth of dealers specializing in other material aside from the actual book, we are pleased to have a dedicated section of the San Francisco Fair, of every type of Paper imaginable, and books of course.     Sixty tables and show cases in the Baden Ballroom and adjacent walk ways, just for paper.   You’ll find Paper in all areas of the South San Francisco Conference Center, too, but as the well known dealer and author Carl Mautz said, “I want to be with the paper people”.   With visitors running from the entry of the Fair to this specialty section last Fair, Carl is right! 

Floor plan and exhibitor list will be available in the middle of December. 

Our exhibitors will be adding images and descriptions on this page from now until the Fair.   Photos on this page are previous images from Fairs.