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​Antiquarian A Poster Design: Studio Hinrichs, San Francisco

2021 is a long time until February 13-14.   There are Virtual Events around the world right now.    Look at EXHIBITORS 2020 from our recent Fair.   No need for a Virtual Event, when you can see our San Francisco Fair specialties, and you can fine millions of books you can enjoy and buy!   


2021? Yup, we are already gearing up for it, with exhibitors already booking their booths!

The February 13-14, 2021 fair takes place at the same time as three other antiquarian book events in the Bay Area. But ours is a little bit different, as our selection of material includes not only rare and collectible books, but ephemera, posters, prints, art books, and artists’ books, as well.

Perhaps you’ve heard the term, “independent book sellers”? Well, we are thrilled to have a number of them exhibiting with us! We’re proud of the fact that booksellers do not need to be a member of a guild or other organization in order to sell at the San Francisco Antiquarian Book, Print & Paper Fair!


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