Antipodean Books, Maps & Prints (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), New York


Fly By Night Books, California


Fred Hightower & Mary Corporan, Utah


Friends of San Francisco Public Library, California Fumio Aoki, Japan


Geiger’s Books, California


Hordern House Rare Books, (ABA, ANZAAB, ILAB/ILIA), Australia


James Arsenault & Company (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), Maine


James R. Harrington, Bookseller, California


John Carpenter, Fine Books, California


Judith Rafferty Fine Art, Oregon Kayo Books, California


Ken Harrison, (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), California


Lakin & Marley Rare Books, (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), California


Linda Lozito Graphics, California


Maggs Bros. Ltd. (ABA, PBFA, ILAB/ILIA), UK


Magus Books, California


Manning’s Books & Prints (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), California


Margo Essman, California


Mark Craig, Bookseller, Texas


Mark Post, Bookseller, California


Maxwell’s Bookmark (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA) California


Meier Green Books, Iowa


Mother & Daughter Books, Utah & California


Nancy Johnson (Ephemera Society of America, IOBA, TxBA), Colorado


Newall Snyder, California


Northern California Booksellers Association, California


Oak Knoll Books (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), Delaware


Oak Knoll Press, Delaware


Octavaye (TxBA), Texas


Old West Books (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), Colorado


Pablo Butcher, (ILAB/ILIA), UK


Pacific Coast Books (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), Oregon


Pacifica Historical Society, California


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Book, Print & Paper Fair
FEBRUARY 2-3, 2018

South San Francisco Conference Center • South San Francisco



Nancy Johnson Events Presents

Antipodean Books, Maps & Prints (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), New York


Peter Luke, New York Peter Triggiani, California


Prints Old & Rare (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), California


Randy Raymond, California


Recollection Gallery, Colorado


Recycled, California


Reed’s Rare Books, California


Robert Dagg Rare Books (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), California


Robert Frew Ltd., (ABA, ILAB/ILIA), UK


Rodolphe Chamonal, (ILAB/ILIA), France


Ronald Erickson, Missouri


Rulon-Miller Books, (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), Minnesota


S. Howlett West Books (IOBA), California


Scott Emerson Books, (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), California


Sophie Schneideman Rare Books & Prints (ILAB/ILIA), UK


Studio Hinrichs, California


Tachyon Publications, California


Ten Pound Island Book Co., (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA, IOBA), Massachusetts


Texas Booksellers Association, Texas


The Book Collector, Inc (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA, IOBA, TxBA), Texas


The Cook Book Lady, California


the Cook’s Bookcase (IOBA), California


Treehorn Books, California


Uncommon Works (IOBA), California


Walkabout Books (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA, IOBA), California


Whitmore Rare Books Inc., (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), California


Wildcat Arts, California


Wilfrid M. deFreitas Bookseller (ABAC/ALAC, ILAB/ILIA, PBFA), Canada


Wittenborn Art Books, California


William Hutchison, Pennsylvania


Alan Wofsy Fine Arts, California


Woodie’s Collectibles, California


Antipodean Books, Maps & Prints (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), New York


Antiquariat Botanicum (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), Washington


Aquila Books (ABAC, ILAB, PBFA), Canada


Armadillo & Dicker Books, California


Asian Steppes Antiquarian Books, California Avant Retro Books, California


Bauman Rare Books (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), Pennsylvania, New York, Nevada


Ben Kinmont, Bookseller, (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), California


Bibliomania, California


Blanchette Press, Canada


Blank Verso Books, California


Blume Books, Oregon


Bonhams, California, New York, UK Book Gallery, Arizona


Books As Issued, California


Books of Wonder, (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), New York


Books on Main, California


Bookvica (ILAB & Russian Guild of Antiquarian Booksellers), Russia


Bridging Time, California


Bungalow Blondie Archival Supplies, California


California Wine Museum, California


Catron Grant Books, New Mexico


Circle City Books, Arizona


Colebrook Book Barn, (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), Connecticut


Connie Dahlstet, Utah


Cultural Images, (Ephemera Society of America), Oregon


Dan Glaeser Books (IOBA), California


David Bergman, (ABAA, ILAB/ILIA), New York


Discovery Bay Old Books, California


Donald A. Heald, Rare Books Prints & Maps (ABAA, ILAB/LILA), New York


Douglas Stewart Fine Books, (ANZAAB, AAADA, ILAB/ILIA), Australia


Edward Herney, California


Elena Gallego Rare Books (ILAB/ILIA), Spain Findings, California


San Francisco Antiquarian

San Francisco Antiquarian Book Print & Paper Fair® is pleased to present our first listing of exhibitors for the 2018 Fair.  What sets the San Francisco Fair apart from other events is that exhibitors are not required to be affiliated with book and art associations to take part in the Fair.  The wider the diversity of the exhibitor base, the wider the diversity of material offered, and an exciting Fair comes alive!